Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sometimes they make you cry good tears.

So anyone who has ever even spent a little time with kids knows that sometimes you want to pull your hair out and have a breakdown due to the whining, fighting, pestering or the laundry alone will make you mental. But every once in a while they do things that make you think that all that you put into them is maybe making a positive impact! Today Melia sang in the music festival with her class and I bawled through the whole thing!! The songs were good but thats not what got the waterworks going =) Melia told me ahead of time that she was so excited she got to stand with a girl in her class and hold her hand for the show. I have not asked for permission to share her name so we will call her Jen =). I asked her why and she reminded me that Jen was the girl in her class who has seizures often and in order to make sure she was safe and did not fall off the risers if she had a seizure during the show Melia and another girl held her hands to help her. I was very proud that she had shown herself to be responsible and loving so she could be trusted with such an important responsibility. I didn't realize that watching would touch me so much. The little girl had about 4 seizures during the songs. (minor I assume because I have no experience with this but she was able to stop shaking after a minute and with the other kids help was able to stay upright - please know my saying minor is only because I have NO REAL KNOWLEDGE but I believe they can be much much worse). Melia simply reached up her other hand and steadied her and supported her through it and they smiled and carried on. This is love. Simple acceptance that this is part of who she is and giving her the support and love she needs without being annoyed or making her feel less than those around her. I bawled every time because my little girl is happily being an arm of strength to a little girl that needs one. I hadn't met Jen's mom before but I saw her wave to them so I told her after the show how excited Melia was to be able to help her friend and how proud she was that she could be trusted to help. The mom said they had considered not bringing her for the show but the teacher told them that Melia (a well known name to them apparently since she helps her through seizures a lot at school) would be there to take care of her and that Jen was excited. And then I bawled some more because my little girl was making a difference in what this girl could participate in and how loved she felt at school. I need to give her extra hugs after school today!!

Then when we were walking into playgroup with my other two Talia fell and got her hands cold in the snow so Kyan whips off his coat and wraps her hands in it so she won't be cold. So he shivers on the way in so his sister's hands won't be cold. We must be doing something right! They know how to be kind and loving and are trying to be like Jesus. So I will cry some happy tears and go do my laundry and break up another fight and try to care about making supper when nobody wants to eat it anyway with my heart a little lighter today =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fabulous Four!!

If I had to pick one picture to sum up Talia it would be this one. Sweet, sassy and smart are some of this girls trademarks. For her birthday she wanted our family to have ice cream cake, go skating and go swimming. And for food she wanted fruit. Lots of fruit. This girl would happily live on fruit, salad and meat. Every day for lunch - "fruit and salad mom?". Done.

On the day of her birthday Kyan runs up to her and says Happy Birthday Talia!! She puts out her hand to stop the hug - "Kyan I am not wearing my birthday hat! Its not my birthday yet!" Fortunately for mommy, who was not aware this was a requirement, I had some in the cupboard. They say happy first birthday! She doesn't care. She wore it all day and we were then permitted to wish her Happy Birthday. 

She chose and loved her ladybug cake and was very impressed when they put her name on it =)

Her skating for her birthday. This was probably our last skate as it then thawed the next week. I think it was holding off just for her!

This one is from another friends birthday but its definitely another ' her' picture. She loves the movie, "Despicable meeting" as she calls it. =) She has also taken to singing frozen lyrics and quoting Tangled and Megamind a LOT since Megamind is one of our three movies not stolen from our vehicle - the other sixty are gone- and Tangled is one of the movies our fabulous friend Marlan gave us when we told her our whole collection was stolen. She went through her movies and gave us all the kids dvds that came with her blue rays. She is very popular in our house right now!! Always loved - but even more popular right now then usual. She also gave me some KT tape for Christmas right after I trashed my ankle. Fabulous timing with fabulous gifts! Much love to Marlan!!

My baby is four!! Love having you in our family Talia!! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Rink

So like I mentioned, this year Vance made a rink in our back yard. It is amazing! Yes Im sure all that grass is dead forever but it was going to be a big sheet of ice all winter anyway so it might as well be a useful sheet of ice =) The first time they went on the rink Kyan turn to me and says: I need a helmet. With a face mask. I said - done!

Kyan loves his goalie pads we found for $5 at value village and it makes his tendency to spend a lot of time diving on the ice less painful! Also important - they are team Canada. The only team as far as he is concerned.

Vance has also loved his rink despite how much work went into it. The shovelling alone after every snow fall is plenty of work - let alone the making the ice. The -30 C for 6 weeks sped up the freezing greatly =)

We got Kyan a little net - it turned out to be a bit more little then we expected but he loves it anyway.

Talia has been the real surprise with the rink. She loves it and skates as well as Melia does now. Yeah - I am really impressed. She is even trying to get the puck and shoot =)

Yeah the net is that small on him...less room to protect?

Action shots!! Kyan is always quick to dive for the puck!

Kyan's buddy came over and they had lots of fun playing together

He even took turns with his hockey pads!

Melia also had a friend over and they carved up the ice together =)

 Sometimes you just have to have a short nap on the ice =)

Another fun thing you can do on the ice is ride on your sled while your dad pulls you around the rink. And if your sibling is being pulled - just hang on the back and drag.

If you are looking for a good solid workout - try pulling a kid on a sled with your other two dragging behind =)

Yes of course we have a flood light for night skating! Was there even a question?

Not sure what it will be in the summer - some thought include a soccer arena, baseball diamond or a greenhouse. We shall see =)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some one is 6!!

Happy Birthday rascal man!! I take no responsibility for the strange poses other people kids do. The ones my own kids do are from my older sister. You should see my grad pictures! Just sayin... =)

See what I mean? This year he wanted poke cake again - I love his choices sometimes - and his five friends and sisters. I asked him if he wanted any school friends and he gave me this weird look like - where does she get these ideas? So i just called up the moms and Jana and I picked up the rascals after school. He doesn't want invitations - he doesn't care. The older rascal will be slightly more demanding when its FINALLY her turn. She has to wait like a month and a half! Try waiting for six months after absolutely everyone else in your family is in march and april!! But hey by my birthday everyone was excited for cake again =) So we just played silly games and ate and opened presents - I laugh so hard every time watching these kids with presents. If they haven't told him what it is before he opens it - its a small miracle. And if they let him open it without help - oh wait that doesn't happen. Not pushy in any way or selfish - they are just sooo excited to give him something they know he will love! He is also VERY appreciative so he's fun to buy for. Tessa was not quite so outnumbered since both the girls were here this time so that was nice variety for her I think. That way she can play with the boys when she wants and the girls when the boys get annoying =) 

Kyan is super into lego right now and hockey! Yes this is strange for a mom who is somewhat anti-hockey but we have lain out the rules and he is not super annoyed about it yet. He can play hockey everyday as far as I care but I will not be a hockey mom. I am not willing to commit my entire families life to a sport where the mentality is so against what I like about sports. Okay rant done. He can play with daddy on the rink Vance made for him every day if he wants!  So he likes to play hockey but he doesn't 'play hockey' on a team =) He now has the fun equipment to play and is loving it. He only plays for team Canada. No other team matters as far as he is concerned. Works for me! I am happy to commit to watching hockey on TV every four years! Happy Birthday little man!!

This is what we do...

So since before Christmas - the last time I blogged =) we have done stuff...but mostly I have just been trying to catch cute pictures of my kids. I think they are cute you see but that is not always reflected in pictures I take. Weird. We are a very expressive family! I want to remember all the awesome faces they can make before they are too cool to make them anymore!

After doing all that work to get them respectable on sunday I figure I should have a picture...or so. My rascals are growing up so fast! If I focus I should be able to do birthday pics next - we shall see!