Thursday, May 8, 2014


Someone mentioned to me the other day that we all just post pictures of our families when we look good and everything is clean so other people get a skewed idea of what we are really like. This is a little backwards for me because my audience for this blog is a small group of people who actually know us and see us filthy (not just dirty) and scrubs all the time. I post pictures so there is evidence we sometimes do look nice!! Foe example: this little girly. She never has a clean face. Ever. I can clean her up and get her ready for church or playgroup but by the time we get there we have chocolate on our face or yogurt everywhere and the hair looks like a rats nest or a wild child - you choose. This is evidence that I ready do try!!

This is a far more realistic picture of her. On her bike in a dress. She lives on her bike right now and prefers dresses so she looks like a princess. Im not sure how often you ride bikes in a dress but they tend to drag on the rear wheel and get really gross really fast. Unless you tuck it properly.. she doesn't.

Sometimes I can convince her to wear jeans when we ride but then getting sticks is easier so then we end up riding our bike carrying a stick. Its challenging! But a moment to brag about her: she just started riding a bike - actually peddling - about a month ago, as soon as the big snow melted and just the other day we did our 'big ride' out to the CRA which is just over 5 km. Yup she did it all without complaining! She is one tough girl! That is a lot of work on a little bike with training wheels!

More evidence of what this kid is made of: the other day I am coaching t-ball for the two older rascals and Talia is playing at the park right beside us. She comes over crying a bit and I go see whats wrong but she's too mad to tell me until I turn her a bit more around. Then I see this monster goose egg she has! Within a couple minutes she is done crying and goes back to playing. She just needed to make sure I saw how awesome her owie was. This is the same kid that had an ear drum explode after some whining for a couple hours. She then turned it off and went hunting for easter eggs. The next morning she had dried blood out of her ear. The doctor could not believe she took that soo well!

This is a more accurate picture of our family.

Two out of three with eyes open is winning!

So this past year I decided to run regularly so I didn't die in basketball. So I did. Having wonderful friends to run with you makes running not evil but fun - in case you are curious. When I started to get good at running I then needed to get my gall bladder out. Ok running break. After appropriate wait time I get running again. I start to think I am getting good again (pride cometh before the fall) so I hurt my ankle and rip all the ligaments in my foot. Running break again. Wait. Running again - confidence (pride cycle) so I let someone convince me to run in a 5 km race. It'll be fine - not too hard. I've been training. Guy at Vance's work hurts himself and asks if Vance wants to take his spot and run in this race with me. He says fine but he sucks at running. We have a practice run the day before - no problem. Day of the run we wake up to this:

Seriously??? Snow??? Earlier this week it was over 20! We went anyway and happily there was no snow on the course and it turned out to be a perfect day to run since you can really bake in the valley when its warm. Having people pass us nearly killed Vance but he stayed with me (like running with a puppy on a leash as he runs circles around you) and encouraged me in my goals. I went in with pretty big goals and was quite pleased with myself! My goal in entering the run was to: NOT DIE! Not only did I not die but I ran it in just under 35min and was about the middle for time in my age group. Success!!

Kyan took this picture for us after Vance had already taken his number off but I have to say Kyan did a fantastic job. This was a while after I felt like I was going to die so I was smiling again. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Baptism Day!!

Our family belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and when a person turns eight they are given the opportunity to choose whether they wish to be baptized by the proper authority and officially join the Church and make special promises with God such as following Jesus Christ's example and obeying the commandments. The decision can be made when a person is older to join the Church but 8 is the youngest a person can be. We believe that before a child is eight they are not accountable for mistakes they make as it is the responsibility of the parents to teach and guide them until they can truly understand their choices. After they are eight they have the opportunity to participate in repentance to become clean again through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Thus at eight a child does not need baptism to become clean of sin as they are innocent still but get baptized to follow the example of Jesus Christ and make covenants with their Father in Heaven. After someone is baptized they are given the Gift of the Holy Ghost by those with priesthood authority and for the rest of their life they are entitled to the guidance and comfort of the Holy Ghost as they strive to make good choices. This has been a very well anticipated occasion for this little girl!! Each time Melia has felt the Holy Ghost has been very special for her and she has been very excited to have him with her full time =) She has a remarkable understanding of how precious she is and how well loved she is by her Heavenly Father and was excited to make covenants with him just as she makes promises with her father here on earth. She truly knows that she is a precious daughter of God. 
The daughter of a King. 

Here is her special white dress that we found by fantastic chance at the second hand store across from reptile world =). There was also a little white dress Talia's size so of course she wanted Talia to have one as well!

Her and Daddy in their white clothes before the baptism!

Surrounded by love!

She had her wonderful cousin there to celebrate with her! S.K. had Melia say a prayer at her baptism (20 ish people) so Melia returned the favour and had her pray at hers (60 or so people). yikes!

She also had some of her friends from church there to support her and a good friend from school also!

Wonderful cousins!

Grandma and Grandpa Cook

Grandma and Grandpa Woodruff


Its a wonderful moment to be able to to look around you and see so many of the people that love you and all the support you have in your life! This little girl truly has a community to raise her! This is certainly not all of her team either good friends unable to attend and more wonderful family who live too far away love and cheer for her from a distance!

We are so proud of our amazing little girl and how hard she tries to be a kind and loving disciple of Christ in all that she does. She is truly a power for good in our house and her portion of the world! Thank you for all you teach us Melia!!