Friday, August 15, 2014

Sister Fun!!

So I was very spoiled to get to spend a week in California with my sisters! This of course required a great deal of work for Vance and his parents and sisters as they helped cover for my absence. Thanks everyone! Talena and I flew out of Great Falls and left the smallest airport ever for Las Angeles which felt like the biggest airport ever ( I have not researched or asked Jen about so I can't say for sure). After we staggered off the plane at 11:30 we got our luggage and went out to door in hopes of finding a way to get to our hotel. After standing in a daze for a couple minutes I saw a bus six lanes across that said our hotel on it and watched in tears as it drove on uncaring of how tired we were! So we know there is a bus but not where to get on or how often it comes so we just went and stood by a inch of people in hopes of a magical shuttle appearing. After a while we noticed the only shuttle stopping were car rental shuttles so we wandered to another group of people to see if it said magical shuttle would appear here. After a while Talena nudges me and says "look up". Apparently there are bright lit up signs saying "car rental shuttles' and hotel shuttles'  if one happens to look up. Not visible from the airport doors of course but once you make it to the median across five lanes of insanity. Good to know! So we patiently waited - Talena was very well behaved and didn't cry for snacks or being tired or anything! - its kind of a novelty travelling without our kids =). The shuttle came and after 45min of picking up people we finally got to our hotel and crashed in our beds! The next morning while we were waiting for Savana and Will to come get us we budgeted 45 min for breakfast and were very surprised to find that we only take like 15 min to eat. Once again Talena served herself and didn't whine about anything. I always eat at least fourth so more strange concepts for us! Very strange! Savana and will braved the evil LA traffic and came and took us to Fresno to see Dallin, Missy and Lola in Fresno! Our new niece is super sweet and we had so much fun getting to adore her! 

The next morning we were able to watch Dallin bless Lola and he did a fabulous job and is a very proud daddy! My little brother all grown up and being a dad!! They just so happen to have a lovely temple right beside their church so we took some fabulous pics naturally! Side note - it was ridiculously hot there - think 45 C!

Then we remembered that Dallin and Missy had to live there so we decided to behave ourselves...sorta. Here is Lola in her blessing dress! 

Her Aunties and mommy!

Family pic!

So fun to get to be there with them for such a special occasion! Us in our awesome new dresses!

Our first day in San Diego we decided to WALK - no more driving or flying for a bit! SO we walked down to the beach and took pictures of cool flowers and whatever else caught our fancy!

The we walked down the beach forever and no one drowned or cried. Awesome! I have a lot of fun stepping on these little sea weed things - it grossed Savana out a bit but she still walked with me =) I refrained from skipping rope with the long sea weed this time though cause Savana said she wouldn't walk with me anymore. But it is really fun - just so you know!

Tuesday we decided to hit balboa park so we walked like maniacs and took a million flower pictures! The sun was also very cool! My mom calls it a sun dog?

These cool trees were very awesome but its a good thing they live in Sandiego and not any place they have real weather because their roots are all on the surface - not very deep!

This was a cool statue thing - but very hot!!

The next day we hit the beach and boogie boarded like crazy and burnt ourselves silly despite lots of sunscreen and staying under the umbrella! I have never bubbled after a burn - it was nasty!

That night we went to the San Diego temple and it was then we noticed how bad our burns were as the white really brings our the red for you =)

Before we went in! It was so fun to be together in the temple especially as it was the very first time we have been able to!

The snails on our way out were cool!

Then we may have spent a half hour or so taking impressive flying pics outside the temple. No one asked us to leave until they were closing the gates though =) They said we could stay if we wanted but the gates were being locked!

Then we had shopping and pedicures and the farmers market in carslbad - VERY COOL! 

Sister bracelets! Because we can!!

So many fun adventures despite Savana's inability to eat, sugar, cold or open her mouth farther than an inch due to an INTENSE wisdom teeth removal! Thanks for letting us crash Savana and Will and entertaining us all week and for sharing your baby Dallin and Missy!