Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Melia's Miracle.

So just over a month ago a super exciting event happened! My fabulous friend Heather had her first baby!! Of course she has him while I am off in Vancouver but as we are driving home we check our messages to see if she had called. I am driving so Vance listens and says "she had a boy" and tells me his name! (This is a public blog so I will not use his name) Then he pauses and says I need to hear the message myself because she is crying. I listen to the message on speaker phone and cry and cry. Her sweet boy was born with some serious health challenges and is in the hospital and has already had surgery which will likely only be the first of many. I cry because I was not there to cry with her as they took her baby to another hospital but she couldn't follow because she had just given birth. I cry because this wasn't my plan for her! My plan was that she just had to deal with the usual challenges of a newborn - not the roller coaster of tears and joy and fear as one day he can breathe by himself but the next day he can't. My plan was that she could bring her baby home and nurse him and not that she would spend every day at the hospital to see him and wish that she could have the usual challenges of nursing - not the one where her baby can't eat what she is working so hard to provide for him. Her sweet boy is a fighter though and has been working hard to eat and breathe as he is loved by his wonderful parents and supported by an army of nurses and doctors and specialists. I told my kids Heather had a boy and they immediately asked when we would go see him! I told them he was in the hospital so he could get strong and healthy and that he needed us to pray for him. He did not need little disease carriers (i.e. my kids) coming to visit right now =). I told them that the best way to love him right now was to ask Heavenly Father to help him heal. So we have been praying for him to heal. It seemed the simplest way to explain that he needed to heal from his surgeries to prepare for his next. This sweet boy and wonderful family have had so many prayers and love from so many of their friends and family that I am not surprised that the Lord answered in such a way. No one really knows the mind of God. Why does one person get a miracle and the next does not? Why does it take so long for some and so quick for others? I do not know but I do know that it has been a privilege to join the army praying for this precious little boy. A week ago Heather posts on her special hospital blog that her little man had the best possible outcome for his procedure. Instead of the big repair job they expected to do to close a seam they had to use just a dab of super glue to close the gap and the other surgery which was to follow has become unnecessary since the other major issue appears to have healed itself! The doctor says that this is a one in a million chance that this issue would have healed itself! Definitely proof that this little boy is one in a million I say! He will still have a ways to go to beat this but his progress has been speeded right along! Why did he get a miracle? I don't know! Perhaps for many reasons! Perhaps so his parents could have a stronger personal testimony of the love of God and that he hears and answers prayers? Perhaps the surgeon needed a reminder of the miracles of the body - Gods creation? Perhaps a family touched by this sweet boy needed hope in a time of pain and despair? This list of why he may have needed a miracle could go forever but I can tell you one of them. Melia needed a miracle. When I told my kids about what happened Melia was so excited that he was getting better and then she said, "Mom now I know for sure that Heavenly Father is real! I was pretty sure before but now since he healed Heather's baby like we asked - I know. I know he is real and that he loves us mommy. And that he loves Heather's little boy". Thanks for letting us be part of your miracle Heather because my little girl needed one too!