Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vancouver Island 2014

So a favourite family vacation destination of ours has always been Vancouver Island. Growing up it was our big vacation to drive out there about every four years. It takes that long to forget how long the drive is =). The last time we went though - due to other adventures - I was just pregnant with Kyan so it was clearly time to go out again. In other words - Mom and Dad planned a vacation and we tagged along - thats what we do! The drive went really quite well (no puking) and this was one of those, wow that looks really cool out the window, Vance take a picture! So he did and it turned out cool! Not all of them do you know.

We got to stop at the Vancouver Temple on the way out and it was fabulous! 

My parents are cute =)

On the way!!

The ferry is always an awesome adventure for land locked prairie folks such as ourselves.

The sunset from the boat! Very cool and FAST!

Random people on the boat!

On our way out we stopped at some of the hugest trees ever! Its tradition and awesome.

We got there late that night so we set up camp and ate and planned to play the next day!

The camp ground is my favourite ever because it has super cool trees and fantastic huge campsites which are fun to explore all on their own. My kids were in heaven!!

The next day we hit the beach! I was curious if my kids would be traumatized since in our travels we went to Mexico and San Diego - both very warm beaches. They were happy anyway and even played in the water despite it being fantastically cold!

My parents are awesome. Clearly.

The next day we needed a small break from the sun so we went on our Slug Walk. My mom is sure that is what the trail used to be named but now they call it the Rainforest walk. It is the best hike ever!! It is predominately on a boardwalk and soo cool! We look for Banana Slugs! Apparently the people is BC don't enjoy them as much as we do - or so I hear... They were labelled in three categories according to colour even though they are all technically banana slugs: banana slugs, booger slugs and poop slugs. Very accurate colour descriptions is case you are curious. 

We are ever obedient and tried to obey all posted signs!!

Melia has started tree lifting as a new hobby.

Some cool trees!

The next day we were back on the beach! The other thing we love to do is go look at the star fish and anemone when the tide is out. SO COOL! You can actually touch a star fish! (Sea Star is the appropriate name apparently)

Pants rolling is an essential skill for the early morning walks!

My mom knows the way to Kyan's heart. He LOVED IT! Sea weed on rock. 

He dragged it around for a LONG time!

In case you haven't tried it sea weed works really well as a skipping rope...

Driftwood is awesome.

My mom has biceps of steel!

Kyan says to me: "Look mom the wise man's house!!" I was so proud!

Vance can build a fort out of anything. Kyan mentioned it made him the foolish man...

Kyan can also make a house out of anything! Notice the rock =)

We may have had fun taking sunset pictures cause it was awesome!

And then one night we let our kids stay up too late and played with glow in the dark bands. Way too much fun!

This is the three of them running towards me from the bathrooms! How cool eh?

You will be happy to know that I only shared the 3 out of maybe 100... In my defines Kyan kept showing me new cool things to take pictures of! He can be very creative!

We had an awesome time and had many great adventures and found many slugs! We also had different tin foil dinners for most of the suppers and it was a perfect dinner technique! No dishes and super delicious! Thanks for letting us tag along Mom and Dad!!