Monday, October 19, 2015

Stuff thats been going on since...

Fun adventures at the cabin! Catch fish, love him, return to lake - mommy's favourite =) 

Vance was laid off so we are giving being a contractor a try since due to the oilfield crash there are not many jobs available right now. There are perks such as he can be home for family scripture study, occasionally let us help him out and help get everyone ready for school but we are missing the benefits!

Some little rascals returned to school and now mommy has days home all by herself on occasion! Its very strange but a good way to catch up!

Family Fall pictures with our cousins!
My little monkeys.

Favorite cousins =)

Talena and I! We are so cute you can tell where our daughters get it from!

Talia made sure you could see her peacock on her arm that grandma drew for her! 

My rascals and I

I love what we make our kids do!

Daddy and rascals

We just recently did the Star Wars marathon with our kids. The next day Kyan built this to show me and I appreciated the genius =)

Turns out that Talia is super far sighted and one of her eyes is not putting any effort in so she got some glasses!!

Fun hike with cousins and grandma and grandpa in horseshoe canyon!

While helping some friends with a move my rascals watched their sweet girl so they could use both hands. After a lot of playing they took a break to watch a movie.

Kyan comes home from church and informs me that he wants to do chain mail so he made me a bracelet and I took a picture of him working so hard and becoming very skilled with pliers!

There is my catch up for the day! Oh and I am now serving in the primary presidency in my ward and really enjoying getting to serve with so many fabulous women! Vance is in the stake young mens presidency and he gets to be on the dance committee since, well,  he dances =)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Medieval Faire!!

So in Brooks they have  Medieval Faire every year and we LOVE it! We all managed to dress up and rock this year!! Vance made all his chain mail himself and its awesome!! We love to watch the jousting, sword fighting, see all the cool chain mail, see the fun acts (flaming hula hoops and much more!) and check out all the awesome stuff to see!

My knights in shining armour!

My princesses!!

Grandpa came to the Faire with us and arrived just in time to take an AWESOME picture of us! Very sweet of him to make us all look awesome simultaneously!


Friday, August 7, 2015

California adventures!

We always have fun finding hoodlums to take pictures of outside the beautiful temples we stop at!

My kid is kind of a poser...

She gets it from her Grandma!

Love finding the maples leafs anywhere we go!

Temple square was amazing and we had fun visiting with all the sister missionaries we could. We even met a couple from Zimbabwe!

It still amazes me how they built this without all the heavy machinery we have today!

He loves them!!

He loves us all and it is so amazing to know that for myself =)

Conference centre was super awesome!

Yes we saw this one last time but its still super cool!

Beach with Savana and Will in San Diego!!!!

Some of us ended up with some fantastic and creative burns...

we have a sea weed thing...

and a sand thing...

and a sports thing...

and a throwing thing..

and a wave thing.. you get the picture!

Oh look another temple! 

You can never escape the paparazzi!!

We told them to be a fountain.

Then we showed them how it is done!!

yup Rocked it!!

Spray park with Dallin, Missy and Lola!! First time our kids got to meet their new cousin!!!

This slide ended abruptly. It was awesome.

You know how when you let two grown men play at the park things get exciting. It was very fun to watch! Dallin ended up with a fantastic blister!!

Watching their little cousin! Adoring her at all times!

Dallin and Lola!

So many fun adventures!! Loved getting to spend time with our wonderful family!! The kids travelled  really well and the adults were quite well behaved as well - most of the time...