Saturday, May 30, 2015

Catch up a bit!

I love this picture. Yes it is rock snowmen!

Family pics!

One of my all time favourite poses. I sure you haven't noticed!

Melia and Grandpa playing a duet. 

Temple trip on the spur of the moment!

Talia rocking soccer this year!

Kyan also rocking soccer and has happily enjoyed it and not spent any time crying on the field so he is very fun to watch!

We rocked the Dinosaur park Pump it up run! Vance did the 5 k in 23 min and I did it in 31 min! He took  5th in the five K!! I was 87th ish =)

Big 10K hike with the cook cousins and we persevered despite serious inclines! 
First big hike with my kids and they were amazing!

Vance and I from the top.

Vance wanted a castle cake for his birthday as he has a love for all things Medieval!

Kyan's Birthday was glow in the dark!

Melia's Birthday was tutu exciting!

More to come another day!