Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kyan's Baptism!!

Kyan was very excited to get baptized right on his birthday! He had lots of plans for his baptism! He wanted Daddy to baptize him, he wanted a new suit (Melia got a new dress for hers after all), he wanted the song A Childs prayer and the boys and girls to sing separate and then together, he had specific assignments for talks (grandma and grandpa woodruff) and prayers, he wanted brownies, macaroni and hot dogs for the meal (we did completo's to crank it up), he wanted his own set of scriptures and he wanted the girls to wear their white dresses and me to wear my black and white dress to be the mix between the girls in white and him and daddy in their black suits! We did it all!

Do you see the colour plan in action?

Our awesome family came to celebrate with us!!

Vance made an eight with the tables =)

Our wonderful family and ward family who came out to support Kyan on his special day!

We are super proud of him and all the good choices he is making in how he lives his life! He is a rascal, a peacemaker, an entertainer, a helper, joy to all who know him, soccer player and loves to play hockey with his dad and friends, he knows the right choice and makes it no matter who disagrees and is really fun to be around. Love you Kyan!

Area's of expertise!

The other day in family home evening Kyan planned a lesson and even came up with his own object lesson to demonstrate it. Greatly entertained and impressed with his creativity!

Kyan post I guess - this was at the wedding of some dear friends of ours and it was so exciting to be part of their special day!

Now this is kind of a jump to March. Apparently I didn't take pictures for a couple months! Vance was asked to do a jousting and sword fighting demonstration at a Taber Stake Medieval activity! He was excited and nervous and recruited his friend Jake to help him out - they were awesome! Vance made all his chain mail himself of course!

Vance asked if I could come show off some of my skills as well with my devil sticks and poi balls so I did! It was very strange to go from how I practice (Talia sits on the stage at the church and laughs every time i  hit myself or drop the sticks) to having an audience of 400 clap and applaud every time you do a trick. I kept looking to see what else was going on to clap about. They also put a mike on me so i had to come up with something to talk about while i did it! I mentioned that when you kid is not interested in bribes and make up you give your kid other toys - thus my devils sticks and such.. I also mentioned that when your kids friend goes home and tells their parents that they played with devil sticks at their friends house - it can get awkward! It was a really fun night and they even had an awesome dance after! It was like the perfect date night planned for Vance and I! 

The decorating was very cool and this huge night was fantastic!

Had to take a picture - just saying!

Kyan finally got to be invested in scouts! They invited him to join in January but he is not official until his birthday - now he is!

Talia and I showing off our moves on the trampoline!

I love this and totally shared it with all the ladies I visit teach! Never forget who you are!!

Christmas time!

We had some fun sledding adventures but not many since we didn't actually have a lot of snow this year! Weird!

So we came across these Star Wars hot wheels in the dollar store and the collection became an addiction for both Kyan and I. They are way too cute and I'm not even a hard core star wars fan!

Kids got to see Santa at the ward Christmas party!

Sock snowmen were one of our favourite crafts this year and I taught a class at Relief Society on how to make them - everyone made super cute ones!

Our other favourite was this awesome snowflake Melia learned how to make at school. She had so much fun with it that she decided to teach us how to make them at home and we loved it. Only daddy struggled repeatedly with cutting them the right way =)

Melia and I put our heads together and came up with a pretty way to decorate our window for winter and it turned out awesome! By march Vance said it was maybe time to change it but I delayed because I was so proud of our genius!

Christmas concerts were very fun this year! Talia showed off her dancing skills with her class.

Kyan sung with his split class and the grade 2's.

Melia sang in the grade four choir as they provided the soundtrack for the play done by the grade sixes. The grumpiest Elf!

We had a great Christmas enjoying time with Vance's family on Chritsmas eve and ending up in Drumheller with mine for Christmas Day. Good times had by all!

In theory there will be more to come!! Vance just got put into the bishopric in November so he gets to learn some new ways to serve and have a few new responsibilities. Melia started to cry as soon as it was announced and proceeded to cry for some time! I was very surprised as my dad has been in the bishopric for a long as i can remember and i wasn't concerned about it. She was worried we would never see him anymore because he would be so busy helping other people. She is happy about it now as it has been about 5 months and she has learned that its not that different and we actually get to see him at church more since he not travelling for stake things anymore!