Monday, September 12, 2016

Med Hat staycation!!

We had planned to go camping with my parents and Talena and her rascals but the week we had planned was rainy and cold so we decided to do a stay cation in Medicine Hat! We stayed in the Medicine Hat Lodge and enjoyed the water slides and the adventure place by Dunmore!

Tee Pee Picture!

Vance took a picture of the rest of us at Echo dale park =)

We camped as much as we could but still probably considered "glamping" =)

Trampoline dodgeball!

Vance can always start us a fire and find us somewhere to "outside"! So mom could cook her hot dog on the fire - the only way to have hot dogs as far as I am concerned!

We saw a porcupine during one of our walks and those of us in the front did a quick about face much to the confusion of those behind us! We gave the scared animal a wide berth!!

Vance and I

Recently Vance and I have been trying to make sure we take pictures together so we actually have pictures together!

Banff Adventures! 

Cardston after Jaymi's wedding reception!

Another day after we managed to go to the temple together!

We went to a dinner theater in Calgary together - Vance won tickets on the radio of course!

At the Taber Stake activity we performed at! Vance did jousting with Jake and I did my poi balls and devil sticks! They fed us treated us like royalty and then had a fabulous dance after even! The perfect date night for us!

Waiting for the fireworks in Magrath during Magrath days!

Sometimes we are even cute together!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summer fun 2016

Our sweet friend Lisa shared some tickets with us that she won to the passion play and we really enjoyed the play! It prompted some cool discussions about forces of good and evil as the play portrayed light and dark angels. 

We enjoyed our fabulous passes to Calaway park that my awesome parents get us for Christmas! The mini-donuts were great!

Random event as Vance passed out while walking up the stairs so he banged his face up pretty good. I kept giggling over it since I am always the one who falls on the stairs and Vance never does! We can laugh or cry about crazy things right? And crying gives me a headache!

A couple pics I forgot to include in the Medieval Days post! Kyan hitting targets with his noble stud I mean steed =)

Melia and her little friend Sophie!

We had an awesome stay cation in Drum and hit the go carts and Mini golf and floated down the river and went on a sweet hike! This was the beginning of Vances love of Go Carts...

Talena and I rocking our helmets!

Melia ready to cruise! She is getting ready for driving and is a careful driver!

Ok Kyan....Ready set GO!

This was actually last year but it was super fun to play with tape, a big balloon and perspective!

Had an awesome adventure in Banff on an icy hike! We could slide down the hill on the ice track holding the rail and it was awesome! Savana and Will even got to come play!

Great minds think alike and get matching boots!!

Talia's birthday - I made her a fruit bouquet!

Melia's birthday - ice cream cake all the way!!

Kyan LOVED every minute of soccer this year and discovered he didn't really love to lose... so the next game he got four goals to fix that problem!

Talia also LOVED soccer this year and made the most goals on her team by far! She was much more focussed than the rest of her team =)

It was also the year of the epic video where no one could catch her on a break away but the ball got away from her just enough that the goalie fired it back at her and smacked her in the stomach! She was not impressed!

Talia di the pump it up run with mommy this year as daddy had to work and Melia and Kyan had jumpstart basketball! She did the 3km while I did the 5km and she rocked!

She was also attacked by a crocodile on our front lawn! She loves to drag daddy out and ask him to do sidewalk chalk with her and so he busts out his skills...

Kyan is enjoying cubs this year! He really enjoyed cub camp where he got to make a fire and made himself a cot out of his tarp and rope - it was awesome!

Kyan's Birthday was a star wars theme. Melia was Lea, Kyan was Obi Wan and Talia was Rey! 

Vance did some fancy face painting so he could be Darth Maul and the kids could fight him...

Melia got to be part of track and field this year and cleaned up! She was second of all the grade four girls in 200m and hurdles and she was first of all the grade four girls in long jump and 100m!

The cubs and activity days had a talent show night and Kyan and Melia rocked it! Melia had a fun wig for her show!

Talia really enjoyed taking her bike all over the skateboard park!

She also loved the Fire Hall when she went with her kindergarten class!

Grandma came to face paint one day...

Canada day parade with our cousins! They all keep growing so fast!

Talia and Kyan made a lovely Tyranosaurus Rex for me out of whatever they could find!

Another parade with our other cousins - lots of boys on this side!

Building games and towers with cousins! 

So may fun adventures!