Monday, September 12, 2016

Med Hat staycation!!

We had planned to go camping with my parents and Talena and her rascals but the week we had planned was rainy and cold so we decided to do a stay cation in Medicine Hat! We stayed in the Medicine Hat Lodge and enjoyed the water slides and the adventure place by Dunmore!

Tee Pee Picture!

Vance took a picture of the rest of us at Echo dale park =)

We camped as much as we could but still probably considered "glamping" =)

Trampoline dodgeball!

Vance can always start us a fire and find us somewhere to "outside"! So mom could cook her hot dog on the fire - the only way to have hot dogs as far as I am concerned!

We saw a porcupine during one of our walks and those of us in the front did a quick about face much to the confusion of those behind us! We gave the scared animal a wide berth!!

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