Saturday, November 12, 2016

Halloween!! 2016

My lovely son decided that obi-wan was the way to go and I am very proud of how well his robe turned out! I made it for his birthday party and we have actually got some good use out of it!

Talia couldn't find her eye patch at the last minute so couldn't be the pirate she planned so she went with cinderella for school and Melia was a fairy of course!

For trick or treating they are all very logical and go for warmth and functionality! So fairy and cinderella become swat team and zebra =)

After too many head band battles i made some little holders so the girls can store their own and not fight over whose is whose! Talia wanted blue:

and Melia wanted the material to match her blinds in her room!

Kyan has developed some awesome skills...

Snowmen at thanksgiving - no snow since (none at home at all!)

School pictures turned out fabulous!

When did they get so big!!??

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